Figura Santuário de Amor (mãe e bebé): Willow Tree


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– WT27799
– Figura Santuário de Amor (mãe e bebé): Willow Tree
Inclui mensagem em cartão e caixa: “A warm safe surround of love.” 
– Da marca Willow Tree, autoria de Susan Lordi
– Em resina pintada à mão
– Com 17cm de altura X 5.5cm largura X 5cm profundidade
Significado da peça, segundo a autora: “The word Sanctuary illustrates a safe warm space that mother and baby create by being together, quiet, peaceful. The baby feels safe and happy, and the mother is too ” This can be a Guardian Angel piece as well, suggesting that your baby is being watched over, protected and cradled in a loving embrace.In this way, Sanctuary can be a healing piece.” – Susan Lordi .The item is made of cast stone and hand-painted with lead-free paint. Supplied in a special gold highlighted branded gift box with a special corresponding gift tag with sentiment ‘A warm safe surround of love..’. Not a toy or children’s product. Intended for adults only.”

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Altura: 170mmLargura: 57mmComprimento: 50mmPeso: 600g



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